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8th December 2010

Wishing. Wanting. Waiting


We'll see, We'll see.... I keep saying

To myself I keep praying

and calm, I shall be staying

To no one I'm raving

that it's you whom I'm craving

Because it's fear that I'm braving....

No way. As if. Denying.

that you may like me too? I can't be buying

To myself I keep lying

Thoughts of you, Can't stop thinking

Do you even have an inkling?

Of how fast I seem to be sinking?

So scared to be falling

for you, so I'm stalling

So I shall build my walling

But I can't wipe this feeling

Your smile sends me reeling

Your words are my healing

But do I dare start trusting

Does my faith need adjusting?

that you're not just lusting...?

Does your smile say more? This I'm imagining

Does my touch ... excite you? This I must be imagining

Does my presence draw you near? This I like to be imagining

Wishing.  Wanting.  Waiting.

Wishing.  Wanting.  WANTING.

Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting. 


- SKO -


11th August 2010



Regret not, the road taken
Dwell not, on being forsaken
For those who FACE disappointment
Shall find the path to enlightenment;
Release the courage within
To brave the thick and thin
No matter who fights alongside
As long as on the inside
"FOCUS" - be etched in the mind
To conquer all that is unkind
They shall triumph and rise
with each turn and surprise.

So ...

Regret NOT the road taken
And dwell NOT on being forsaken
A bright tomorrow is near
Step out, it's ever so clear
For our confidence shall never be shaken.


- SKO - 

4th August 2010

Now That I'm Back Again

Much clearer is the sun
Much clearer is the rain
Much clearer is the world
Now that I'm back again.

Friends remain unchanged
Family - still the same
Everything else is still around
Now that I'm back again.

Feels like a dream just passed
Awoken, dazed, in pain
But a dream is a dream is a dream
Now that I'm back again.

- SKO -